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Hayden Blythe

Hope for Suffolk Director

Here at WRPC, we believe that God’s design is for humans to work. We believe that work is good!  But because of sin, we struggle to find meaningful and profitably work due to things like lack of connections, education, confidence, desire, transportation or opportunities.  Hope for Suffolk seeks to connect people to the dignity of work by helping people overcome those obstacles. Through our Community Garden Work Program, mentoring, job search workshops and financial stability workshops, we work with individuals to help them not only succeed but to thrive as image bearers of Jesus.

I’ve gotten to use my Community Development degree from Covenant College on the East Coast of Africa and the East Coast of America.  I joined the WRPC staff in 2010 after serving in Tanzania.  Tanzania has better avocados, pineapples and mangos but Suffolk has better berries and tomatoes!

My husband, Chris, and I have 2 daughters and we’re delighted to be raising them in the Westminster community.

757-539-0540 ext. 134