Men's Groups

Join with your brothers in Christ for weekly study and fellowship.

Men Only Location Frequency
Bill Heriford Heriford Dental Weekly- Th @7:30p
Michael Whitcomb Cock Eyed Rooster Weekly-Tu @6:30a
Dennis Bridger Lake Cohoon Rd, Suffolk Weekly- Tu @6:30p
Ed Joyner Lake Kilby Rd, Suffolk Weekly- M @7:00p
Jay Dorschel Plaid Turnip, Main St Weekly- Tu @6:30a
Marcel Boudet Various Locations Weekly- Th @6:30p
Mark Steiner Rotating homes Bi-Weekly- Tu @7:00p
Noel Lewis Amici's, Suffolk Weekly- W @7:00p
Rob Slingluff Cock Eyed Rooster Weekly- Th @7:00a
Rob Slingluff Churckatuck Ln, Suffolk Bi-weekly- Th @12:00p
Steve Hill Foxcroft Rd, Suffolk Weekly- W @7:00p
Ted Lemmon Bunny's Restaurant Weekly- Tu @7:00a

Caleb Piercy & Peter Mendonsa College Place, Suffolk Weekly- Sat @ 9:30a
Jim Tarrant WRPC Weekly- Mon @5:30p