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Whether you're interested in our Garden program, our Job Search Workshop, our Financial Stability Workshop or our Personal Assistance program we can help get started!

Garden Work Program

The Hope for Suffolk Garden is a work program that provides opportunities to earn income, experience the dignity of work, gain job skills, build a resume and work as part of a team. We grow and sell vegetables and fruit and the money goes back to those who work in the garden.

Participants in the garden are provided with training and a work schedule not exceeding 10 hours per week. In addition, Hope for Suffolk staff meets individually with participants to assist them in achieving their long-term goals of financial stability, job-search or personal development.

Every month, new participants are accepted into the program. The program is open to anyone in the community. Call the church office (539-0540) or email for details.


Job Search Workshop

Frustrated with your job search? Tired of financial instability? Trying to advance in your work place?

Our job search course can help you achieve your goals! In partnerships with local businesses and organization, we equip students to be successful in achieving their career goals.

The course is open to anyone seeking a new position.

During this 8-week workshop you will be surrounded by enthusiastic classsmates, dedicated volunteers, interested employers and helpful community resources. This course is being taught in hundreds of locations around the world.

The unique, workshop-style class gives students lots of time to practice what we are learning together.

We bring local business leaders and companies so that students can hear first-hand what traits employers look for. Additionally we bring in community resources that will help students in their journey to career success.​

Registration is FREE and is now open!

Visit our "Stories of Impact" page now to find out what our students are saying!


Financial Stability Workshop

Do you wonder where your money goes so quickly? Do you feel like you shuffle money around and “rob Peter to pay Paul”? Would you like more control over your finances? Are you frustrated with financial instability? Our Faith & Finances class will help you!

This 11-week workshop is designed to help you gain the financial stability that you’ve been looking for.

By tracking expenses, pursuing new ways to increase income, learning strategies for saving and finding resources to help you with your goals, you can have peace of mind!

This class is FREE!


Personal Assistance

We are here to pray with you, offer assistance with your job-search, resume building and to provide financial coaching. Contact us for an appointment.

If you're interested in participating in any of our programs, contact the church office or!