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Chip & Merideth Jones


World Harvest

Church & Pastorate Construction


Our long-term goal is to help the nation of Chile in the growth of Chilean led, self-sustaining, replicating churches in order to provide a basis for Chilean led missions to spread the gospel not only to Chile and Latin America, but to the world.

What will be Chip's primary role? To disciple people in the gospel of Christ from all walks of life, from any denomination, age or leadership position. To point people to the reality and applicability of the scriptures for today. To view the gospel, not as simply part of our lives, but to be THE well-spring from which all aspects of our lives should flow.

How will Chip enter others' lives? He will be joining Brad Wallace (World Harvest Missionary to Chile) in church and parsonage construction during the summer months (winter in the US). Other times of the year will find him involved in helps ministries (home and auto repairs), to gain access to the lives of Christian leaders, and potential Christian leaders, and the lost. We will both be using our skills in language development to come along-side other special-needs families to assist them in the peculiar demands of raising kids with special needs. We pray that God would enable us to use many and various means to enter others' lives in order to share the life-altering gospel.

You can learn more about our mission to Chile at:
Also, we would love to hear from you, whether prayer requests or just the goings on in your lives: e-mail: or phone 770-755-0685.