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John & Cathy Rug


Mission to the World



Both John and Cathy received Christ at age 18. They met at Geneva College in Western Pennsylvania and were married a couple of years later. As time passed, they became interested in the spread of the gospel in other lands through various missionary visits to their local church. In 1984, the Rugs were appointed to Chile by MTW and have been involved in church planting since 1986.

Currently, they are working with the Vina del Mar church planting effort and apply the gospel to some of Chile's "disposable" peoples, including the deaf, blind, and others. In order to facilitate a church-planting movement that included this largely overlooked group of people, the Rugs minister to them, their relatives, and friends (through a special project called CIEMPRE). This is done through the work of a resource center for the disabled, in cooperation with the church-planting effort, enabling the church to become more effective in crossing special needs barriers with the gospel of Christ.

Cathy also teaches quilting to women. Some have come to know the Lord as a result, and others are now open to the message of truth.