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David and Jill Martin


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Church Planting, teaching children

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David and Jill Martin met at Covenant College where they trained to be teachers and graduated in 1985. After two years at Wilmington Christian School in Delaware, they went to Cusco, Peru, for two years to operate a one-room school for the children of the MTW church-planting team there. Next they went to Easter Michigan University for graduate school and then to Montgomery, AL, where David was an instructor in the Physical Sciences Department of Auburn University at Montgomery. They became members of Eastwood Presbyterian Church. In 1998 the Martins were sent by Eastwood to begin teaching on the mission field once again, this time in Odessa, Ukraine, a city of over a million people on the Black Sea.

Ukraine has experienced a period of spiritual harvest after the fall of the Soviet Union. A denomination of about a dozen churches has been established in various cities, including Odessa. David and Jill teach in a one-room school for the children of the MTW church-planting team in that city. Please pray for them as they minister through teaching and assist in the church-planting work.

Children: Ruth Anne (89), Paul (92), and Shirley (97).