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Bob and Andrea Burnham


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Bob and Andrea Burnham have been part of MTW's church planting effort in Ukraine since 1995. While overseas, they help build congregations in Izmail and Odessa. At home in the U.S., they motivate and recruit believers to labor for the spiritual harvest in the former Soviet Union.

Bob, a Pensicola FL native, received a music business degree in Nashville from Belmont University. Andrea grew up in Littleton, CO, and received her architecture degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Having a passion to teach about the grace God gives through Jesus Christ, they each joined MTW separately and met when placed on the same team in Izmail, Ukraine. Andrea and Bob served from 1995-1997 and grew to love the Ukraine people-as well as each other!

After marrying in 1998, the Burnhams relocated to Atlanta where Bob worked as MTW's recruitment director. In 2001 they returned to Ukraine where Bob led MTW's church-planting team in Odessa.
The Burnhams are now career missionaries, resuming their position in Odessa in 2006. They covet your prayers for wisdom and the ability to faithfully teach and live in Christ-likeness as they assist Ukrainian believers organizing congregations that honor God in word and deed.

The Burnhams have three daughters: Abigail (born July 2000), Emily (born December 2002), and Iris (born December 2004).