We are a community called to image Jesus Christ in his renewing of all things.

Prayer Wall

Prayer Ministries

PACT -- The Prayer And Care Team is a group of dedicated people who will pray for emergency needs. They receive a phone call or email about emergency needs and commit to praying for those needs immediately and fervently. To be a part of this team, contact Nan Olson.

Hands and Feet -- The Hands and Feet prayer ministry would like to pray for you in person. These are people that God's Spirit has gifted with great faith and a heart for prayer. They will come to you and lay hands on you and pray for you. Whether you need spiritual or physical healing, the Hands and Feet prayer team is on your side! Contact Meredith Alphin for more info.

Mosaic -- If you would like to be a part of praying for the Church, Cayti Strickland has created a helpful 31-day prayer list you can download here. You can be a part of this prayer team. There are no meetings and no requirements other than a commitment to pray.