We are a community called to image Jesus Christ in his renewing of all things.


Wakeful-Hours-Cover In 2011 Westminster Church embarked on a study of the Psalms. As part of this journey the various songwriters and musicians of Westminster were asked to contribute to a project setting to music the various Psalms that were being studied. In the Wakeful Hours is a result of that project.

The Psalms depict despair and hope, cursing and blessing, lament and glorious praise. They help us express what it means to live in a time of uncertainty and expectation, the “already but not yet” state we find ourselves in as God's people. This musical endeavor is meant to give voice to those hopes and desires.

In viewing the Psalms through the lens of the birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus we see the fulfillment of God's promises to his people. God has entered into the world and its suffering in the person of Jesus and that he is the chosen one through whom God blesses the world. The blessings of his reign have been brought to bear on this world but the full restoration of God’s people and this world will not come to completion until Jesus returns again to make all things new.

So it is in these wakeful hours that we are thirsting for God, confident that we will one day be satisfied with rich food and will sing for joy in the shadow of his wings.


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All the proceeds from this project go to WRPC's work with Musik-Brücken, a collaborative musical ministry in Austria.

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Music Samples

This recording project represents the work of the many musicians who have blessed Westminster with their gifts. This album is not meant to reflect one individual's vision but instead it is meant to embrace the diverse voices that have found their way to Westminster.  It is our hope that you will be blessed and encouraged by what you find on this recording.

Psalm 19
by Randy Raines


Lift Your Head
by Brian Scott


In the Wakeful Hours
by Randy Raines

My Song Forever Shall Record
by Mark Chambers

Behold the Lamb on His Throne
by Christopher Booth

His Love Endures Forever
by Holly Dutton


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